Why I started Blogging?

Honestly, I don’t really know. For a while I felt like I was lacking creative expression and needed a new outlet. I hadn’t given much thought to blogging before because I thought it was kind of dated (considering how YouTube and Instagram are the big things right now). Since I am waaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyy to awkward for youtube I decided to do some research on blogging.

I came across two blogging platforms that were popular and easy for beginners: Blogger and WordPress. I first took a look at Blogger and got too overwhelmed and shut that down very quickly lol. I then decided to take a look at WordPress and decided it was doable. After much encouragement from my friend (hey Amanda) and lots of YouTube tutorials later, here I am.

I still don’t know if/ how long I’m going to stick with blogging for but for now its something I enjoy doing on my down time. I can already feel myself slacking on my posts though and have been feeling uninspired lately. This is probably due to how busy I’ve become with school and how overwhelmed I’ve felt recently.

Hopefully when the semesters over and the sun is shinning I’ll have more time and feel more inspired to do more and different types of posts.

But for now we’ll see where this blogging adventure takes me and hopefully you’ll stick around to see how it goes!

Side note: I just started a bullet journal so maybe I’ll do a post on that after i get it going a bit? maybe?

Thanks for reading x



5 thoughts on “Why I started Blogging?

  1. Hey loved reading the post, each blogging story is unique in its own way. I totally relate to you on how life gets on the way to regular blogging. I love watching YouTube, not a great fan of Instagram but love to read blogs. It has its own charm, love to connect with interesting, inspiring and like-minded people.
    Good luck for your blogging journey.

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