TGIF pt. 3

Hello everyone and happy Friday, we survived another week!

so, a lot has happened this week and is still happening, how was your week? Heres what mine looked like:

SNOW: Just when i thought we were done with it, we got hit with another dump of snow. throughout the week I’d say Kamloops got around a foot.

Papers: Once again, like everything else in university, assignments are always lining up. This time its papers. Within the next two weeks I have to write two 15-20 page papers.. yay me.

Scheduling: With reading break finally here and Valentines day around the corner, Riley and I decided to book a hotel in downtown Vancouver for a night. Having to schedule what day I would be trecking back home in the snow has been a little chaotic to say the least.

Disappointment: I was hoping to be able to go home yesterday (Thursday) but due to the weather we had to postpone to today. Well actually we are still waiting for the highway to open back up.. hopefully it does soon!

Coffee, coffee & more coffee: I’ve needed some extra help this week so obviously I turned to the thing I love most, coffee. This week Ive definitely been putting my Keurig to good use. I also checked out a cafe Ive been wanting to go to for a while in downtown Kamloops. Its called PDK and its famous for its massive donuts.

16731298_10154830496991327_1802944339_o         16667844_10154830497021327_1959700251_o

Tessa xx


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