Beauty: January Favourites

Hey everyone and happy February! I feel like I’ve been so absent in the WordPress community lately and I’d like to apologize. I’ve been very busy/stressed out with school lately.

Hence why I’m a week late with my January Favourite’s post.


These have been my favourite beauty products of the month:
1.) Dream Cream from lush– I just started re-using this product during the past month. I forgot how much I loved it… such a natural moisturizer that leaves your skin feeling amazing.

2.) NYX lip Lingerie in the colour baby doll– these lip lingere’s are such an inexpensive alternative to high end liquid lipsticks. I’m obsessed with all the colours they come in.

3.)Revlon ultimate all in one mascara– this mascara is jet black and gives such amazing length. I’ve also noticed it adds more curl to your lashes which is always a plus.

4.)Lush Sea Spray– I LOVE this hair mist/ hair spray. It holds curls well without that “crunchy” feeling afterwards.

5.) Milani Baked Blush in luminoso– I’ve had this blush for a while but had been extra loving it this month. I love an extra blushed look in the winter months.


My other Favourites this month:

1.) My day planner- yes of course, like every other uni student, one of my resolutions was to be more organized this year. So, I’ve been really on top of writing in my agenda and checking it daily.

2.) Toques– I have really had no choice but to live in toques this month due to how friggen cold it has been! In Kamloops the average temp this month has been -20 degrees celsius, too cold for me

3.)Dark Nail polish– honestly this really isn’t  a monthly favourite, more like a yearly favourite. I don’t know what it is about dark nail polish but I’ve been feelin it.

4.)Licorice Spice Tea– If you haven’t tried this tea, do it now. Thats all.

5.) Glasses– I don’t need or wear glasses, but I’ve always thought they are so cute! These ones are from South Korea, my sister picked up when she was there. Here is how I like to wear them:


Happy February Everyone!

Tessa xx


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