Adventure: January 28th 2017

Riley and I took another adventure to Point Roberts, WA the other day.  We started the day off with soup and panini’s at the Saltwater Cafe. After lunch we walked the trails at Lily point (side note: we saw a corgi and an Italian greyhound aw!).

Pictured: Potato and kale soup from the Saltwater Cafe, Lily point trails, Riley with the camera and is London fog, me at the look out point.

Next we drove over to Lighthouse park. This beach has the nicest sunsets and the most perfect logs to sit while watching. If your lucky, you can even see some pretty cool marine life (I’ve seen sea lions and a pod of orcas from the beach before). We walked along the beach and took some pictures while finishing the rest of our coffee’s.

Pictured: some photo’s that we took at Lighthouse Park.

We decided we were too cold to stay at the beach any longer so we made our way to the cabin to have a fire. Luckily we got the fire built just before it got dark. It took a while for it to get going because everything was so damp but Riley made it happen (I think his new beard helped lol). We spent a couple hours just sitting by the fire, talking and laughing, it was so nice. We let the last couple of logs burn out and packed up. It was such a nice day.

Pictured: My favourite photos of the day. Some were taken at Lighthouse park and the others were taken at the fire (duh).

Hope you enjoyed the photos. If you ever get the chance to go to Point Roberts I highly recommend it.

Thanks for stopping by, Tessa.


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