TGIF pt.2

Hey everyone and happy Friday! I told you I’m going to make this  weekly thing and I’m sticking to it. This week was filled with homework and assignments and nothing really excting. Honestly Im just happy this week is over. Here is what my week consisted of:

Dinner and a movie with a friend
-some yummy tofu teriyaki followed by Lalaland. When I heard a musical was playing in theatres that was it. Everything a musical is suppose to be this movie was, cheesy and magical.

New background
-I was searching all week for the perfect marble background for my blog photos and I finally found it! Check out my current favourite current favourite accessories post to see it! (please do I’m very proud ahha).

Homework, homework and more homework
– This week was crazy when it came to school. I’m currently taking four courses (2 in class 2 online). The online ones are far more work. There are modules to read, lessons to complete, group discussions and assignments x 2.  Since I wanted to go home this weekend (I live 3.5 hr away for school) I needed to get all of it done by Friday. And I did, YAY!
Reached 50 followers
– well actually 55. But this is so exciting! I’ve had this blog just under a month and its already brought me so much joy and success. Thank you so much everyone!!!!! xx

Thanks for another great week WordPress xx


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