Fashion: Current Favourite Accessories

Hey all! This is my first of many fashion posts, so expect more! If you have any good ideas for posts let me know in the comments, I’d love some suggestions.

You may have noticed my new background. After weeks of looking I found the perfect marble print (this makes a professional blogger now btw). I picked it up from RONA and it was on sale for $5.99, such a steal. You will definitely be seeing more of it to display my products I’ll be talking about.

Eager to try it out, I decided to do a post about my current favourite accessories. So here they are:

-Blanket Scarf: I picked mine up from garage a couple of years ago for around $25.00 (can’t remember the exact price). Blanket scarfs a such an easy way to add colour to an outfit, plus they’re super warm!

RayBans: I got these last summer for $230.00, well Riley got them for me (s/o) and I am still so obsessed with them.

-Gypsy styled Bracelets: I actually recently just got these for christmas in my stocking. They’re from American Eagle and I think are about $12.00-$15.00 for four or five. They look cute all together, or on their own.

Earrings: I’ve recently been trying to get more into dangly earnings. I got these for christmas as well and I love them. They too, are from American Eagle and run for about the same price as the earnings.

-Rings: If you know me, you know I have at least three rings on at al times. Usually my two diamond ones (from my dad and bf), and another one. I like to switch which rings I wear on which fingers but I usually always go back to the gem/gypsy style. The rings featured in the picture are from The Rock Shop (Whistler, BC), American Eagle (surprise) and Urban Outfitters.

-Lumee Phone Case: By far my favourite, and most used accessory. If you don’t know what this phone case is, its a phone case with LED lights around the perimeter which allows for amazing photos (selfies lol) in poor lighting. Shoutout to my friends for getting me this!!!

Thanks for stopping by, Tessa xx

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