Beauty: Modern Renaissance Palette

If you know one thing about the Beauty world, its that the Modern Renaissance Palette by Anastasia Beverly Hills is e v e r y t h i n g right now.

I quickly jumped on the bandwagon back in the summer when it was still fairly new and haven’t looked back since.

Let me just say this palette has up’ed the eyeshadow game. Yes, these colours can seem intimidating at first, but like myself you will quickly become comfortable (and in love) with them. This palette contains a good variety of mattes and shimmers (side note: my biggest pet peeve is when a palette is basically all shimmers grr). There are crease colours (my fav’s burnt orange), bold lid colours as well as highlighting colours. I personally feel like this palette can look beautiful on any skin tone.

As far as the actual shadows go, each shade is equally pigmented and easy to blend. The only downfall of this palette is the small amount of fallout I’ve experienced while using it. But when shadows are this pigmented it can be expected, and is worth it!


I did a quick swatch of four of the colours, from left to right the shades are; Buon Fresco, Red Ochre, Antique Bronze and Realgar.

The Modern Renaissance palette comes with 14 shadows, a mirror and a brush. The mirror definitely comes in handy but the brush isn’t the best.  The brush is two sided, one side being a fluffy blending brush and the other is a more condensed defined brush. When using the blending side of the brush I noticed the shadow looked a bit patchy, which is not cute. I can assure you, its the brush not the shadows, after trying a proper blending brush the shadow looked seamless.

Below you can see the what the palette looks like when opened, as well as the mirror and brush included.


Overall, I 100% recommend this eyeshadow palette to anyone.

Tessa xx


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