Beauty: My Skincare Routine


The first thing I do when it comes to my nightly skincare routine is take off my makeup. Recently I have been using these wipes from The Face Shop. These are great for removing eye makeup without any burning.


After all of my makeup is removed I use the tea tree skin clearing foaming cleanser (middle) from the body shop. This is by far my favourite cleanser I have used so far. Because of the tea tree oil it makes you face tingle and feel alive. If I have any problem areas I apply the tea tree skin clearing clay mask (on the left) specifically on those spots. Lastly I use the skin clearing body wash all over in the shower.


Three to four nights a week I apply the foaming cleanser with this knock off Clarisonic. It does a good job of exfoliating, especially in these winter months when my skin gets dry. I picked this up for around $15 at Fred Meyers.


The next thing I do is moisturize. I am currently using the mango seed moisturizer from The Face Shop.


If I’m feeling like my skin is extra dry that day, I like to put on a sheet mask before bed. After 15-20 minutes with one of these on my skin feels refreshed. I picked up the Egg cream mask from Sephora and the avocado and red ginseng from The Face Shop.


Last but not least I apply this eye cream under my eyes as well as on top of my eyelids. This reduced bag size and prevents aging. This cream is also from The Face Shop.

If  you haven’t checked out The Face Shop before, its a Korean based company that has high end skin care & makeup for reasonable prices (the masks are only $2 each!).

Thanks for reading,

Tessa xx


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