Lifestyle: The Best of 2016

The world took a couple of”blows” in 2016, but I can honestly say it was one of the best and most important years of my life. It was filled with growth, milestones, up’s and downs (of course) and renewal. Here are some of the amazing, and not so amazing things that I experienced last year;

-made it through my first year of living away from home (barley)
-saw the Seattle space needle
-held a baby Kangaroo
-went zip-lining in Whistler
-re-kindled an old friendship
-became legal everywhere
-celebrated five years together with my boyfriend
-went to a Seattle Mariners game
-boosted my GPA (YAY)
-became vegetarian
-experienced a lost
-went to Canyon lights at Lynn Canyon
-discovered my love for makeup
-rediscovered my love for photography
-went paddle boarding
-got an ATV
-learned over 300 drugs- their generic and trade name as well as mode of action (pharmacology)
-went to Pike Place Market
-failed a couple midterms
-Passed all my classes
-went to a couple of concerts
-bought a stethoscope and a blood pressure cuff





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