Adventure: First of 2017

January 2nd 2017 Riley (my boyfriend, you will be hearing a lot about him heads up) and I decided to try out my new camera equipment. For Christmas I got the Canon Rebel T6 camera (which I am so thankful for) and a few days later I purchased the INSIGNIA tripod from Best Buy. We had a couple different locations in mind but we decided to go to Point Roberts, Washington because of how close and secluded it is. A quick 20 minute drive and a short boarder line up and we were there.

We went to an open field surrounded by forrest first. Realizing how cold it was (-4 degrees C), we quickly made our way to the only sunny part of the field to try and stay warm. After taking a few test shots and finding the good lighting, we set up the tripod and snapped a couple of us together. After thoroughly instructing Riley on how to take good photos of me, we were both pleased on the content we captured and agreed it was time to warm up in the truck. Honestly even if the photos weren’t great we probably would have left due to how cold it was haha.

We decided two Hot chocolates and a Blackberry bar to share were necessary before hitting LightHouse Marine Park.

Again, shocked at how cold it was when we stepped out of the car we went for a short walk and took a couple pictures before heading down to the water. After fumbling over logs while managing to carry the camera equipment, my purse, phone and hot chocolate we made it to the water. Though I would have liked more time to set up the Tripod and take photos of the both of us it was simply too cold and uncomfortable to do so.

The day which was full of laughs and good company quickly flew by.

Riley’s portrait photography skills grew from a -2 to a solid 5 within a couple of hours so overall it was a good day.

Posted below are some of my favourites taken from the day;


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